On Choosing A Life Partner…

From the internet:

“Choosing a life partner isn’t easy, is it? Emotions, expectations, unconscious patterns, memories from previous relationships – an endless choir of voices, telling us what to do, contradicting each other of course. So where can we get the clarity needed to make the right choice concerning our life partner? Let’s discuss two common mistakes, and a simple perspective that might help.”


2 thoughts on “On Choosing A Life Partner…

  1. Hi,
    Thank you for sharing my article :) How do you find yourself relating to it?

    I’ve read some of the entries in your blog, and loved your spontaneous, free-spirited approach to writing.


    • Thanks for the comment mike, sorry for the late reply, haven’t been in the best of health lately… Your advice really made a lot of sense and helped shed some light for a situation I was in recently, thanks for sharing that! All the best, and keep writing! Cheers.

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